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Creative Consultant, at your service!

💁🏻‍♀Tootin' my own horn here (because we all should more! 💪🏻). I'm pretty darn good at 'putting myself in a space' and imagining how it will/won't work. I role play every situation that could/would happen in a home/office/van, and plan how to handle it. And I love making multi-purpose solutions, especially in tiny spaces. Best (or worst) of all: I play Devil's Advocate like a PRO! Need someone to poke holes in your plan? I'm your gal. 🙋🏻‍♀️

I've always said "in another life" I'd be in the home design and decor profession. And maybe I still will in this life, who's to know. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But since so many people have asked if I'd build/design a van for them, I figure why not take a baby step in by helping you create the Dream Design of new van/bus/RV dreams?

So here I go . . . ready to 'officially' offer my advice to fellow tiny dwellers.



Keen to know 'why this girl?? what's so special about her?' Well, I do have quite a bit of design experience – both graphic & interior.

Interior design

Creative Lead of office expansion & fit-out | 2020 | Current company | Melbourne, VIC, AUS

Crafted the company story into a new wing of the office for 180 employees – complete with a forty-foot plant wall, six comfy, quiet pods for individual work, custom-built furniture I designed (so cool!), a recording studio, and a retro-inspired conference room covered in 70s floral wallpaper, shag carpeting, and a vintage plaid couch (I could go on-and-on about this fit-out, it's so cool!); full-disclosure: the project was interrupted by COVID but it'll be complete someday soon, I hope!

Project Manager of office move & fit-out | 2017 | Current company | Portland, OR, USA

Converted drab, white office space into a hip, start-up software company vibe – complete with 200 aluminum 'paper airplanes' hung from the ceiling, a variety of wall coverings ranging from branded wall graphics to pallet boards to whiteboards to chalkboards, and, of course, a ping pong table and beer fridge (because what start-up doesn't have those?).

Funny story: Our contract designer actually offered me a job afterward! Which I turned down to move to Australia - doh!

Pro bono consulting for several friends who've sought guidance on their home builds – from input on floor plan mockups, to actually editing files they give back to their builders. I've also helped many friends/family with space planning and design advice.

Copper 🎉🚐

Graphic design

Graphic Design Assistant for current company | 2018 - 2021 | Melbourne, VIC, AUS

Graphic Design Assistant for college's marketing department | 2006 - 2011 | Lincoln, NE, USA

Assistant Editor of college's newspaper | 2009 - 2011 | Lincoln, NE, USA

I actually started doing graphic design back in 8th grade and all through high school – creating school yearbooks, newsletters, class sweatshirts, student directories, etc. – but not sure that counts as I'm sure it was horrendous work. 😂

Specific skills

  • Imagining space logistics and functionality

  • Creating unique floor plans, avoiding layouts that look 'like every other van on the road'

  • Offering many custom ideas to choose from

  • Bringing a designer's creative eye

  • Staying in tight budgets

  • Meeting short, strict deadlines



I'm excited to provide consultation on the floor plan and design for your tiny home dreams – whether that's a van, bus, RV, tiny house, or even a 'regular' home.

I will consult on

  • Space logistics

  • Layout design

  • Multi-purpose functionality options

  • Storage solutions

  • Design & decor

I will not consult on

  • Electric systems

  • Plumbing systems

  • Vehicle selection

  • Materials to use

(though happy to share my opinions/experience)



Depending where you're at in the design process, I'm happy to contribute in one of two ways:

1. Devils' Advocate – $99

You've drafted up your floor plan but you just want a fresh pair of eyes to run over the layout and find possible 'eeks you may regret that! 😬' situations.

I'll need from you

  • Your drawing/mock-up with specific labels of what's where

  • Photos of your vehicle (or future vehicle)

  • > > Fill out this form < < to tell me a bit about your priorities

You'll get from me

I'll share my honest feedback and advice on the current draft of your plans. Where there are areas of concern, I'll provide suggestions for improvement based on your priorities and my experience. I'll also point out opportunities for multi-purpose solutions wherever possible. Decor recommendations are not included (though I wouldn't put it past me to excitedly throw in some ideas for freebie 👩🏻‍🎨).

I can't guarantee any specific number of suggestions as you could either be SPOT ON in your design or need quiiiite a bit of additional consideration. We'll see whatcha got!

If you end up wanting a second review of your plans after you've made adjustments, it'll be an additional $49 per review.

2. Dream Design – $799

You've got a vehicle in mind (ideally in your driveway). You know what your priorities are for a small space. You have a vague idea of what you'd like your home to look like, but need help putting all those brilliant tidbits together into a visual before moving forward with the build.

I'll need from you

You'll get from me

I will draft up three unique layout options, designed specifically for your priorities, needs, and wishes. You can select one layout that I'll make one round of adjustments to, based on your feedback. The second (final) draft will include your suggested edits and my decor recommendations.

I provide rough dimensions only, as it's impossible to say 'cut this 2 5/8 inches' without being in the space, measuring each cut (just wait 'til you're to that point – it is fuuuuuun[ny]! 😅). I will not provide 3D designs, but will deliver these seven views of your selected layout:

  • Ceiling

  • Floor

  • Side wall

  • Slider door wall

  • Rear

  • Front

  • Roof

In both:

  • design view – labels & measurements

  • decor view – proposed colors for paint, stain, bedding, counters, flooring

* Prices are based on a van, they will be adjusted based on size of project (i.e. bus, RV, tiny home, etc.)


T E R M S & C O N D I T I O N S

Once you submit the Google Form above, I will review all the details you've provided and determine if your project is one I can/will take on. To be honest, I'm not sure how many folks will sign up, so I could either be left twiddling my thumbs in boredom or pulling my hair out in stress. We'll see! 🎉

If I take on your project, I'll email you to begin these next steps:

  1. We complete a client contract

  2. You make a down payment (via Venmo or PayPal)

  3. I'll get to work on your dreams

  4. I'll deliver my designs/suggestions

  5. You'll love them 😉

  6. You make the remaining payment

  7. You run with the plans! 🤸🏻‍♀

Let's keep this fun and friendly, y'all! I'm not a professional van builder and don't intend to be, but super keen to help others chase this 'crazy' dream we share!



I will donate 10% of your investment to other badass women, ranging from BIPOC entrepreneurs, to financial education services, to mental health support, and beyond. We're in this together! 👯🏻‍♀️

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3 commentaires

Do you offer a consultation or paid pdf on how to find work from the road locations? I remote work and would love to get the kids out camping over the summer. I am having a difficult time finding confirmed/known locations with cell signal ahead of time.


Kelly Schneider
Kelly Schneider
13 avr. 2021

So amazing!!


Elizabeth Grafton
Elizabeth Grafton
12 avr. 2021

You go girl!

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