Struck with wanderlust and a longing for simplicity, Brenda's hit the road to freedom in a self-converted tiny home on wheels with her cuddly pup, Ranger. Read on to explore her outdoor adventures and vanlife learnings. She's keen to share all the peaks and potholes - with you!


July 2020 Instagram posts

JULY 3, 2020 Booked!!! 🇦🇺✈️🇺🇸 Let's get this show on the road [literally]. 🚐 JULY 5, 2020 I said goodbye to the Australian beach...

June 2020 Instagram posts

I'm moving all my Instagram posts to this blog for back-up. I love all the memories, thoughts, experiences, lessons that I've documented...

Skincare and lashes and masks, oh my!

I've always felt a little silly sharing that I use Mary Kay products because it sounds so girly and pink and cliche. HOWEVER!!! It is...

Time for an Amazon shopping spree!

Hello my friends! Top three questions I'm asked: How do you find places to sleep? Where do you poop? Where did you buy _____? Well I'm...

Creative Consultant, at your service!

💁🏻‍♀Tootin' my own horn here (because we all should more! 💪🏻). I'm pretty darn good at 'putting myself in a space' and imagining how...

Splish splash, how I take a bath

I’m not shy about the fact that I don’t shower often. Traveling internationally to some wonderfully remote, living-simply, loving-purely...

Breaking down my vanlife budget

I remember researching this lifestyle years ago, wondering how much it'd cost and how to plan a budget (and job) that would support my...

My discovery of depression

It was exactly a year ago that a truth-bomb dropped on me during a company Christmas party. And it began my journey to discover I was...

Elevation and the exploding toilet

Imagine my surprise when my trusty toilet spontaneously ejected fresh urine into my face like a volcanic eruption. 🌋

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